Our products

Our offer includes quality products that are most often used in construction, the transport industry and the furniture industry.

Toppanel cooperates with manufacturers from different countries, with the aim of achieving the best price-quality ratio.

The priority of our business is to provide quality products and services tailored to each customer. Thanks to the many years of experience of our sales team, we can find a solution for every customer request.

Thanks to the spacious warehouse and the efficiency of the procurement sector, we ensure a continuous supply of products. All our products are available immediately.

TopPanel services

Toppanel provides its customers with the service of straight-line cutting of all panel materials that we offer to the required dimensions.

Cutting is done on site, which can speed up further work and prevent possible damage to the board in the field. Our machine provides precise cutting with a very thin cut, as well as minimal waste, while the utilization of the board is maximum. As our products are large and heavy, transporting the goods to the desired location can be problematic.

In addition to the cutting service, Toppanel provides its customers with the services of transporting goods to different locations.

Furniture production

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