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Yellow panels

For over ten years, Toppanel has been trading and importing one of the most famous formwork on our market – yellow formwork board, and during that period we managed to perfect and find the best quality options and build cooperation with the largest factories and producers of yellow board. Because of this, we are able […]

Eucalyptus plywood

Given that we can no longer import and obtain Russian plywood, due to the new situation in Russia, we are forced to find an alternative solution and continue to distribute high-quality plywood and thereby satisfy the needs of customers. From our wide range of plywood, we would single out the eucalyptus plywood, which with its […]

Cutting service

Custom cutting is an integral part of the furniture industry, and therefore Toppanel doo offers its clients the service of straight-line cutting on a vertical formatter with protection of the cut edges. The formatter is used for cutting all types of plywood that we offer, while the material itself is cut into smaller pieces ready […]